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The idea is about developing a webserver control panel for standalone server.

There are many sofisticated control panel, very powerful and scalable like cPanel, WHM, Plesk or others, so why IcePanel? Well, if you're a little hosting company or you're interested to a personal or to a non-commercial use, sometimes you'd prefer not to spend money in a control panel.
There's a little target of people that need a simple panel, for free and there aren't a lot around.

So let's try IcePanel!
I think I'm not able to develop a software like this, but with your help, I think we can.

Thanks to all of you that decide to partecipate to this project.

IcePanel is not designed for multiple levels of administration but only for admin use.

System Requirements
I don't like the topic "System Requirements", even if it's necessary.
I would really want this paragraph empty.

  • Platforms: Linux.
  • Browsers: all recent browsers.
  • Php compatibility: from version 4.
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The mission of the project is ... is to obtain : . a folder with the files of the software, the ice-panel folder . install the software uploading it on the server . open the browser and connect to the admin panel to control the main function of the server . try to keep all of these more secure as possible The user has to make three steps: 1 download the software 2 upload on the server 3 connect with a browser The panel is mounted on a webserver where there are some website hosted, eachone is a user utenza. If you enter as admin : We can view traffic, space used, and modules installed. We can put new user or delete theme If you enter as user: NO USER NO PANEL.